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Help With: Name Phone Email
Computer Problems      
Copier Issues (including obtaining access to the copier) Thang Phan 36625 thang [at] (thang[at]uh[dot]edu)
Faxes Self Serve Front Office    
Financial Aid Thang Phan 36625 thang [at] (thang[at]uh[dot]edu)
Insect/bug Issues FIX-IT 34948  
Insurance Issues Thang Phan 36625 thang [at] (thang[at]uh[dot]edu)
Keys (Office/Lab) Thang Phan 36625 thang [at] (thang[at]uh[dot]edu)
Letter for Texas Driver’s License Nicolette Solano 34304 nsolano2 [at] (nsolano2[at]uh[dot]edu)
Lights out FIX-IT 34948  
Long Distance Code Nicolette Solano 34304 nsolano2 [at] (nsolano2[at]uh[dot]edu)
Misc Cleaning/Repairs Fix-It 34948  
Office Supplies (misc) Nicolette Solano 34304 nsolano2 [at] (nsolano2[at]uh[dot]edu)
Orientation (ChBE Undergraduates) Veronica Ellison 39431 vellison [at] (vellison[at]central[dot]uh[dot]edu)
Orientation (Faculty and Staff) Thang Phan 36625 thang [at] (thang[at]uh[dot]edu)
Orientation (Graduate Students) Yolanda Thomas 34311 ythomas [at] (ythomas[at]uh[dot]edu)
Orientation (Materials Students) Chrisdolyn Dawson 39257 cdawson [at] (cdawson[at]central[dot]uh[dot]edu)
Payroll Thang Phan, Tiffany McBride



thang [at] (thang[at]uh[dot]edu), tmcbrid2 [at] (tmcbrid2[at]central[dot]uh[dot]edu)
Purchasing Asst DBA    
Registration for class (Grad) Yolanda Thomas 34311 ythomas [at] (ythomas[at]uh[dot]edu)
Registration for class (Materials) Chrisdolyn Dawson 39257 cdawson [at] (cdawson[at]central[dot]uh[dot]edu)
Registration for class (Undergrad) Veronica Ellison 34931 vellison [at] (vellison[at]central[dot]uh[dot]edu)
Reimbursement Asst DBA    
Safety Issues David Dawlearn 34367 clownche [at] (clownche[at]uh[dot]edu)
Scheduling the use of the Senior Room Nicolette Solano 34304 nsolano2 [at] (nsolano2[at]uh[dot]edu)
Temperature Control FIX-IT 34948  
Time Sheets Tiffany McBride 37966 tmcbrid2 [at] (tmcbrid2[at]central[dot]uh[dot]edu)
Travel questions Nicolette Solano 34304 nsolano2 [at] (nsolano2[at]uh[dot]edu)