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Orientation (Mandatory)

Undergraduate Orientation

All new students should attend a New Student Conference, which is an orientation for freshmen and transfer students. At the conference, the Texas Success Initiative (formerly TASP) status is established and Freshman and Transfer Advising Stops (placed on all new freshman) are cleared. The conference allows new students to receive a thorough and comprehensive overview of UH student support services, placement, prerequisite and core curriculum information, meet with their college/department advisors, and register for their courses. The information received at the conference is critical to student success.


Graduate Orientation

Normally, one week before school starts Graduate students attend a mandatory orientation session.


Faculty Orientation

New full time faculty are required to participate in two orientations, each having very different purposes – New Faculty (Academic) Orientation and Human Resources Orientation.

The good news is that both orientations have been combined in this single event. For your convenience, the following links provide orientation details and allow you to register (Orientation Information and Registration.)

The following online training courses must be completed by all new or returning university employees (including faculty, staff, student workers, and temporary employees paid through the payroll system) within the first 30 days of employment: SN1101 – FY11-New Hire-EEO, SN1102 – FY11-New Hire-FERPA, SN1103 – FY11-New Hire-Fraud Awareness, SN1104 – FY11-New Hire-Code of Ethics, SN1105 – FY11-New Hire-Secure Our Systems.

All mandatory training is available online via the UHS Online Training website at

Use your PeopleSoft ID# and date of birth to enter the site.


Staff Orientation

Each newly hired regular staff employee is expected to attend an orientation session conducted by the component university's Human Resources Department.

Orientations for regular staff employees will include general information about the System and its component universities, relevant policies and procedures, benefit programs and services available to all benefits-eligible employees. New employees may be required to complete forms and authorizations necessary to be placed on the automated payroll system and will be given an opportunity to ask questions regarding employment and benefits.

All New Faculty and Staff can visit the Human Resources web site at: to understand what paperwork will be completed during orientation and what personal documents should be taken to orientation.