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Miscellaneous Need to Know

Cougar Card

For as long as you are a University of Houston student, your Cougar Card will be the single most important piece of student identification you possess. The Cougar Card is a multi-purpose ID that integrates a number of functions for daily usage around our campus, including being your library card.

You can do laundry at our residential facilities; print documents; buy snack food at campus convenience stores; buy your meals at campus eating establishments; gain access to academic or administrative buildings and rooms, athletic events, special events, the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center and both on and off campus residential housing each with a simple swipe of your Cougar Card.


UH Health Center/ Dental Clinic/ Immunizations etc

The UH Health Care Center (Walk in Clinic and Dental Clinic) located on campus, is open Monday through Friday to provide services to students, faculty and staff. During regular hours of business (generally 8-5) their telephone number is 713-743-5151.  If you are on the UH campus after hours and experiencing an emergency, call the UH police at 713-743-3333. 


University Eye Institute

The University Eye Institute is open to all students, staff and faculty. You can request an eye exam on line. Please click here for information regarding the Eye Institute.


Office Supplies

Office supplies should be ordered from Tejas Office Supply. Send Nicolette a typed list with: Your name, the speed type for the account to be charged, the  name of the item, the order #, the amount, Purpose and Benefit, the supplies will be ordered for you.


Office and Laboratory Supplies

Office and laboratory supplies can be purchased on campus at Research Stores. Please click here for how to purchase goods at Research Stores. Research Stores also knows which vendors offer UH a discount on merchandise/services, etc.


Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Program

HUB information can be located at:


Schedule the ChBE Conference Room

The Conference Room Calendar is electronic.  To reserve the conference room, please see Nicolette.  Please include your name and telephone number and purpose for the use of the room. 

People often times do not note that they no longer need use of the conference room; therefore, prior to searching for another conference room in engineering, call the person who previously booked the room to determine if they still need the room.  Often times, the room is actually open for use.


Scheduling ME’s Conference Room

ME has two conference rooms that we often use.  ME’s conference room has to be booked by a faculty member of ChBE.


Scheduling the Senior Room

Contact Nicolette Solano for use of the Senior room.


Plant Operations Work Request/Track a Plant Operations Work Order

For work to be done one time only, Log into, select billable Customer Request Form, and follow the instructions to fill out the form. Obtain a Departmental signature and a Certifying Signature and submit.



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End of Year

UH’s year end is August 31. Prior to the  year end, NO PURCHASES/ REIMBURSEMENTS can be processed! Normally the cutoff date for purchases/travel/reimbursements is two weeks prior to year end.


Discounts on Purchases