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The Academic Advisor for Undergraduate Chemical Engineering for non-honors students is Ms. Veronica Ellison. CHEE virtual advising is available from 3 pm – 5 pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please email her to get an appointment if you want zoom virtual advising.  You may also contact her by email if advising is needed outside these hours at vellison [at] (vellison[at]central[dot]uh[dot]edu). Honors students are advised by Drs. Bollini, Cirino, and Orman (refer to assignment list below).

Mandatory faculty advising sessions are an opportunity for students to seek career mentoring/planning, help with degree planning, and to answer any questions concerning academic policies, scholarships, co-op/internships or research opportunities, etc. Meeting duration is ~15 minutes. This must be accomplished during October-November for the Spring semester, and March-April for the Summer and Fall semesters. A Faculty Mentoring Form must be completed, with signatures from the student and faculty advisor. Failure to do this will result in a hold placed on your account until you meet with your advisor. You may NOT waive this mandatory advising.

Each student’s faculty advisor is listed below. Advisors will email their respective students to indicate their availability; contact your advisor directly if you do not hear from him/her, or if you are having trouble scheduling your appointment. As indicated on the Faculty Mentoring Form, students are to prepare in advance an updated flow chart or degree plan prior — this should indicate which courses you have completed, and your plans for the coming semester.

All students on probation or suspension, or active but currently not enrolled, are advised by Dr. Cirino (Undergraduate Program Director, pccirino [at] (pccirino[at]uh[dot]edu)).

Dr. Cirino is always available to further discuss the curriculum or chemical engineering in general. Inquire if interested.

List of advisors:


Student Last Names


Dr. Cirino

Vargas – Zz

pccirino [at] (subject: advising) (Email)

Dr. Conrad

Tork – Valle

jcconrad [at] (subject: advising) (Email)

Dr. Donnelly

Serrano – Thaemlitz

vmdonnel [at] (subject: advising) (Email)

Dr. Economou

Rowland – Segovia

economou [at] (subject: advising) (Email)

Dr. Grabow

Rashed – Rosas

grabow [at] (subject: advising) (Email)

Dr. Harold

Ordim – Ramos

mpharold [at] (subject: advising) (Email)

Dr. Henderson

Morehouse – Oladejo

jahende6 [at] (subject: advising) (Email)

Dr. Karim

Luna – Mora

akarim3 [at] (subject: advising) (Email)

Dr. Mountziaris

Lavado – Lowe

tjmountz [at] (subject: advising) (Email)

Dr. Nikolaou

Jaramillo – Lassek

nikolaou [at] (subject: advising) (Email)

Dr. Palmer

Hansberger – Jaffery

jpalmer2 [at] (subject: advising) (Email)

Dr. Willson

Garza – Hamouda

willson [at] (subject: advising) (Email)

Dr. Robertson

Escobedo – Garcia

mlrobert [at] (subject: advising) (Email)

Dr. Varadarajan

Dang – Elmouden   

nvaradarajan [at] (subject: advising) (Email)

Dr. Vekilov

Cassola – Danab

pgvekilo [at] (subject: advising) (Email)

Dr. Wen

Ayala – Casarta

mjwen [at] (subject: advising) (Email)

Dr. G. Zerze

Aa – Awuku

gzerze [at] (subject: advising) (Email)


Honors advising:


Student Last Names

Contact / Sign-up

Dr. Cirino

Arreola – Gruber

pccirino [at] (subject: advising) (Email)

Dr. Orman

Gudala – Nguyen

morman [at] (subject: advising) (Email)

Dr. Bollini

Ofomaja – Zz

ppbollin [at] (subject: advising) (Email)


Faculty Mentoring Form