Theses and Dissertations — 2012

Masters Theses

Student Advisor(s) Thesis/Dissertation Title
Devesh K. Agrawal Dr. Ramanan Krishnamoorti Nanoparticles Transport Through Porous Media for Enhanced Oil Recovery [Link]
Anupam Aich Dr. Peter Vekilov A Microfluidics Approach Towards the Investigation of Free Heme Effects on Sickle Cell Hemoglobin Polymerization [Link]
Hieu Doan Dr. Lars Grabow Exploring Design Opportunities of Bifunctional Catalysts Using Density Functional Theory and Microkinetic Modeling [Link]
Anthony Lie Dr. Navin Varadarajan Quantification and Molecular Characterization of Anti-citrulline Antibodies in Rheumatoid Arthritis  [Link]
Suchanun Moungthai Dr. Gila Stein Direct Patterning Of Conductive Polymer Domains For Photovoltaic Devices [Link]


Student Advisor(s) Thesis/Dissertation Title
Pratik Bhagunde Dr. Michael Nikolaou Mathematical modeling the effect of antimicrobials on heterogeneous bacterial populations [Link]
Srimoyee Bhattacharya Dr. Michael Nikolaou Computer-Aided Methodology for the Analysis, Design and Optimization of Production from Unconventional Gas Reservoirs [Link]
Zhuo Chen Dr. Vincent Donnelly Plasma Enhanced Layer-by-layer Deposition and Nano-crystallization of Si:H films [Link]
Edward Foster Dr. T. Randall Lee Functional and Patternable Electro-Grafted Coatings [Link]
Pankaj Kumar Dr. Vemuri Balakotaiah Low-dimensional Models for Real-time Simulation of Internal Combustion Engines and Catalytic After-treatment Systems [Link]
Yi Liu Dr. Dan Luss, Dr. Michael Harold NOx Removal by LNT-SCR Dual-layer Catalysts [Link]
Pranit Metkar Dr. Michael HaroldDr. Vemuri Balakotaiah Experimental and Kinetic Modeling Studies of Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx with NH3 on Fe- and Cu-Zeolite Monolithic Catalysts [Link]
Ginusha Perera Dr. Gila Stein X-Ray Diffraction Measurements of Lithographically Defined Nanostructures [Link]
Willard Quon Dr. James Richardson A Compact and Efficient Steam Methane Reformer for Hydrogen Production [Link]
Ram Ratnakar Dr. Vemuri Balakotaiah Multi-scale Averaging and Analysis of Transport and Reaction Phenomena in Porous Media [Link]
Ajay Pratap Singh Dr. Michael Nikolaou Model-Based Feedback Control: Effect Of Constraints On Controller Structure In Three Case Studies [Link]