Theses and Dissertations — 2017

Masters Theses

Student Advisor(s) Thesis/Dissertation Title
Kyle A. Karinshak Dr. Michael Harold Nitrogen Oxide Uptake and Desorption on Pd/ZSM-5 and Pd/Fe/ZSM-5 [Link]
Hanyang Li Dr. Vincent Donnelly, Dr. Demetre Economou N2, O2, and NF3 Dissociation in a Low Frequency, High Density Plasma Source [Link]
Anh Viet Vu Dr. Lars Grabow NOx Storage and Release Activity on Pd/BEA Passive NOx Adsorber [Link]


Student Advisor(s) Thesis/Dissertation Title
Ms. Aseem Dr. Michael Harold Oxidative Coupling of Methane over Mixed Metal Oxides: Thermokinetic and Oxygen Distribution Effects [Link]
Michael Byington Dr. Peter Vekilov, Dr. Jacinta Conrad On Protein Crystal Nucleation Precursors [Link]
Jihae Chung Dr. Jeffrey Rimer Role of Polyprotic Acids as Inhibitors of Calcium Oxalate Crystallization [Link]
Karthik Venkata Rama Krishna Dadi Dr. Vemuri Balakotaiah, Dr. Dan Luss Transient and Steady-State Light-Off Features during Co-Oxidation of CO and HCS in Doc [Link]
Shuai He Dr. Guan Qin Molecular Modeling of Shale Gas Transport Mechanisms in Shale Nanopores [Link]
Sanbir Singh Kaler Dr. Vincent Donnelly Etching of Silicon, Silicon Nitride, and Atomic Layer Etching of Silicon Dioxide using Inductively Coupled Plasma Beams [Link]
Sashank Kasiraju Dr. Lars Grabow Catalysis of Imperfections: Importance of the Nature and Abundance of Defects in Oxides and Chalcogenides for Diverse Applications [Link]
Aaditya Khanal Dr. Guan Qin Numerical Study and Production Forecasting of Unconventional Liquid-Rich Shale Reservoirs with Multi-Fractured Horizontal Wells [Link]
Mengmeng Li Dr. Michael Harold Spatio-temporal Features of Combined NOx Storage and Reduction and Selective Catalytic Reduction
Rui Li Dr. Jeffrey Rimer Multifaceted Approaches to Tailor Zeolite Properties and Elucidate the Role of Precursors in Nonclassical Crystallization [Link]
Qiaowei Lou Dr. Vincent Donnelly, Dr. Demetre Economou Optical Spectroscopy of CH3F/O2, CH3F/CO2 and c-C4F8 Inductively Coupled Plasmas
Shobhit Misra Dr. Michael Nikolaou Building Models of Process Systems: Applications in Control and Design [Link]
Yang Ning Dr. Guan Qin Numerical Modeling and Simulations of Natural Gas Transport in Heterogeneous Shale Rocks Using the Lattice Boltzmann Method [Link]
Katy Nichole Olafson Dr. Jeffrey Rimer, Dr. Peter Vekilov Deciphering the Molecular Interactions Between Antimalarials and Hematin Crystal Surfaces [Link]
Vivek Yadav Dr. Jacinta Conrad, Dr. Megan Robertson Controlling the Molecular Weight Distribution of Polymer Brushes to Tune Stimulus-Response and Bacterial Adhesion [Link]