Theses and Dissertations — 2019


Student Advisor(s) Thesis/Dissertation Title
Jay R. T. Adolacion Dr. Navin Varadarajan Quantifying the Kinetics of Immune Responses to Cancer: Applications in Serum Profiling and Single-Cell Biology [Link]
Xingyue An Dr. Navin Varadarajan Single-cell Functional Profiling of Lymphocytes for Cancer Immunotherapy [Link]
Renjie Chen Dr. Jeremy Palmer Simulating Nanoparticle and Polymer Dynamics in Solution [Link]
Madhuresh Kumar Choudhary Dr. Jeffrey Rimer In Situ Methods to Characterize Zeolite Growth by Nonclassical Pathway [Link]
Robert J. Clark Dr. Jeremy Palmer Controlling Crystal Morphology and Polymorph Selection Using Molecular Additives [Link]
Tyler Jay Cooksey Dr. Megan Robertson Effect of Encapsulated Species on Block Copolymer Micelle Self-Assembly [Link]
Pritpalsingh Dhillon Dr. Michael Harold Reaction and Transport Coupling in Multi-Functional Catalysts for Selective Oxidation of Ammonia to Nitrogen [Link]
Wenyue Ding Dr. Megan Robertson Structure-Property Relationships in Sustainable Thermoplastic Elastomers [Link]
Quan Do Dr. Lars Grabow The Catalytic Dehydrogenation of Conventional Chemicals using Unconventional Methods [Link]
Hui Dong Dr. Yan Yao High Energy and High Power Magnesium Batteries [Link]
Sravan Kumar Kanchari Bavajigari Dr. Lars Grabow Using Water and Gold Catalysts to Generate Novel Solutions for Current Energy Challenges: Purification of Hydrogen and Selective Oxidation of Methane [Link]
Sotirios A. Malamis Dr. Michael Harold Characterization and Optimization of Multifunctional Automotive Catalysts [Link]
Na Young Park Dr. Jacinta Conrad Phase Behavior and Rheology of Colloids with Polymer-Mediated Attractions [Link]
Fatemeh Sadeghi Dr. Navin Varadarajan Engineering Fate and Function of Human Cells by Expression of Heterologous Proteins
Pushpesh Sharma Dr. Konstantinos Kostarelos Non-thermal Recovery of Bitumen using Cyclic Surfactant Solubilization [Link]
Zhe Sun Dr. Vemuri Balakotaiah Modeling and Bifurcation Analysis of Oxidative Coupling of Methane [Link]
Hari Thirumalai Dr. Lars Grabow Integrated Theoretical and Transient Kinetic Investigation of Catalytic Materials for the Selective Synthesis of Hydrogen and Aromatic Hydrocarbons [Link]