Dr. Vekilov's Pkviewer

Dr. Vekilov's Pkviewer: 3-D Molecular Graphics Software

Pkviewer is a free, interactive molecular graphics viewer. The program was developed to visualize a sequence of 3-D snapshots of globular molecules that evolve in a constant volume system. It is appropriate for the observation of self-assembling systems, since it is able to distinguish particles that belong to an ordered environment. While playing, the user can adjust the frame speed; change the view angle; move the point of interest and change the size of particles, among others.

Click here to download a version of the software that works for MS Windows operating systems. The zip file includes a manual and a sample file where crystal nucleation occurs on the surface of a dense liquid droplet for a single component system. Representative snapshots of this movie are shown in the following picture.

©2005 Copyright, Panagiotis Katsonis and Peter G. Vekilov


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