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Interfacial Polymerizations in Pickering Emulsions to Architect Hybrid Materials

Emily Pentzer from Texas A&M University

Pickering emulsions, or those stabilized by solid particles, provide a phase separated system with a high degree of interface that can be used to architect different composite structures. The Pentzer group has developed 2D particles (i.e., nanosheets) as surfactants for different fluid-fluid interfaces, including oil-water, oil-oil, ionic liquid-water, and recently demonstrated the stabilization of gas bubbles using nanosheets.  This presentation will cover the use of Pickering emulsions stabilized by 2D particles and compartmentalized reagents to prepare capsules with core of ionic liquid or phase change material. The use of graphene oxide nanosheets and their modified derivatives, as well as MXenes (transition metal carbides), will be discussed, coupled with polymer deposition or interfacial polymerization to give isolable capsules. Application of these hybrid structures in gas sequestration, thermal energy management, and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding will be highlighted, as well as the integration of dynamic covalent bonds in the shell and use in additive manufacturing.