Integrated Process Synthesis: Designing processes with reduced CO2 emissions

Diane Hildebrandt

Chemical processes consume a large amount of the world’s resources, as raw materials to produce various products as well as energy sources to drive the processes. The chemical and petrochemical industry accounts for 30% of global industrial energy use and 16% of direct CO2 emissions (IEA, 2007).  Therefore, in order to develop energy efficient processes, reduce raw material requirements and alleviate the environmental effects associated with processes, there is growing need for innovation in the design and operation of chemical processes

In this talk we present novel techniques for designing chemical process flowsheets with an emphasis on reducing material and energy consumption as well as reducing carbon dioxide emissions.  In the talk we will demonstrate an approach based on fundamental concepts: mass, energy and entropy balances. These concepts can be used to provide global insights into processes, establish rigorous targets for processes, enhance process performance, conserve natural resources and reduce negative environmental impact.