Dr. Raymond Flumerfelt
Dr. Raymond Flumerfelt


Office Location: S337, Engineering Building 1
Phone: 713-743-2658   |   Fax: 713-743-4323
Email: rwf [at] uh.edu


Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Northwestern University
M.S. Chemical Engineering, Northwestern University
B.S. Chemical Engineering, Lamar University

Research Interests: 

In recent years we have been developing fundamental knowledge and process technologies for controlled structure processing of cellular materials. We have been particularly interested in the production of lightweight polymer foams and composites. Utilizing new generation polyolefins, polyimides, and biodegradable polymers, and by altering the basic processes of nucleation, bubble growth, and film stability, it is possible to obtain a full spectrum of lightweight composites with varied temperature, strength, electrical, and other properties. These materials have a variety of applications in the consumer, electronic, and construction industries.

Current projects and interests include:

  • Development of next generation simulators for free expansion and extrusion processing of cellular materials
  • High pressure extrusion processing and the development and use of environmentally benign blowing agents
  • Enhancement of nucleation in low surface energy materials through heterogeneous nucleators derived from plasma surface treatments
  • Rheological behavior of base polymers with dissolved blowing agents
  • Advanced modeling and analysis of viscoelastic film drainage and stability
  • Replacement of stable polymer foam systems with biodegradable products for packaging and consumer applications

Awards & Honors: 

2001: NASA Honor Medal for Civilian Public Service

2000: Elizabeth D. Rockwell Chair

1993: Engineering Nominee, Outstanding University Administrator (TAMU)

1989: Outstanding Professor, Chemical Engineering (TAMU)

1984: Visiting NSF Scholar/Professor, Japan

1980, 1982: Best Fundamental Paper Awards, AICHE, STS

1972-1990: Outstanding Teacher Citations

1963-1966: Walter P. Murphy Procter & Gamble Fellow

Honorary Societies: Tau Beta Pi, Omega Chi Epsilon, Sigma Xi

Professional Societies: AIChE, ACS, AIME SPE, Society of Rheology

National Board, Southeastern Consortium for Minorities in Engineering (SECME)

Texas Engineering Deans Council; TSPE Education Advisory Committee

Selected Publications

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  2. Shafi, M.A., K. Joshi and R.W. Flumerfelt,

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