Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Top 20 Doctoral Program—National Research Council

UH Hosts Robert Langer as Featured Speaker at Amundson Lecture

Robert Langer, the Koch Institute Professor at MIT, was the featured speaker at the annual Neal R. Amundson Lecture.

2015 Short Course

Professor Earns Grant to Continue Fighting Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

Mike Nikolaou earned the initial $400K Grant from the NSF a few years ago.

Professor and Student Commercialize Smartphone-Based Rapid Diagnostic Tests with NSF I-CORPS Award

The team will develop diagnostic tests that use “glow-in-the-dark” nanoparticles.

Secret Behind Gold’s Unexpected Oxidation Uncovered by Professor and Student

Lars Grabow has created the first model to explain what happens during the catalytic oxidation of carbon monoxide.

UH Receives $3.3 Million Grant to Promote Women in STEM Fields

The NSF grant will be used to increase the number and success of women faculty in STEM fields.

Chemical Engineering Professor Researches New Materials for 3-D Printing

Jacinta Conrad just received an NSF grant to study the role of attractions in modifying the confined flow of colloids.

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Student Spotlight

Christopher Lovero

Christopher Lovero will graduate this semester with a degree in chemical engineering, ending a rich academic experience at the University of...

Recent Faculty Publications

Zheng, Y., Liu, Y., Harold, M. P., & Luss, D, LNT-SCR dual-layer catalysts optimized for lean NOx reduction by H-2 and CO. Applied Catalysis B-Environmental, 148, 311-321 , 2014

Neal R. Amundson Endowed Chair of Chemical Engineering

In honor of an engineer, an educator, a colleague and a friend, the UH Cullen College of Engineering would like to establish an endowed chair named after the late Dr. Neal R. Amundson, Cullen Professor Emeritus of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and professor of mathematics at UH. Find out more